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a nivo [adv. manyè/adj.]
Sinonim: orizontal
Antonim: pa a nivo
Vizit: 40 English : on the same level, horizontal, levelled : Ex : The shelves were placed on the same level.
Français : au même niveau, horizontal, nivelé : Ex : Les étagères étaient placées au même niveau.
Español : al mismo nivel, horizontal, nivelado: Ej: Los estantes se colocaron al mismo nivel.
Português : no mesmo nível, horizontal, nivelado: Ex: As prateleiras foram colocadas no mesmo nível.

anpil [adv.]
Sinonim: bokou
Popilarite: 50 Vizit: 17 English : much / many : Ex : Much water, many apples.
Français : beaucoup / beaucoup : Ex : Beaucoup d'eau, beaucoup de pommes.
Español : much/muchos: Ej: Mucha agua, muchas manzanas.
Português : muito/muitos: Ex: Muita água, muitas maçãs.

Ansavo Definition: [n.p.] Komin. Se yon komin ki nan Awondisman Ansavo, li nan Depatman Nip. Kòd postal li se HT7510.
Vizit: 6 English : Anse à Veau
Français : Anse à Veau
Español : Anse à Veau
Português : Anse à Veau

Ansavo Definition: [n.p.] Seksyon kominal. Se yon seksyon kominal ki nan komin Ansavo Li nan Depatman Nip.
Vizit: 20 English : Anse-à-Veau
Français : Anse-à-Veau
Español : Anse-à-Veau
Português : Anse-à-Veau

Anse-à-Veau Definition: [n. p.] Vil.
Department: Nippes
Population: Approximately 50,000
Distance from Port-au-Prince: About 90 kilometers (56 miles)
Main Economic Activities: Agriculture, trade, fishing
Landmarks: Anse-à-Veau Beach, Saint Anne Church
Geographical Features: Located on the southern coast of Haiti, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
Historical Facts: Anse-à-Veau has a history tied to colonialism and has seen influences from various European powers.
Name of Inhabitants: Anse-à-Veauvien/Anse-à-Veauvienne
Notes: Anse-à-Veau is known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Vizit: 1 English : Anse-à-Veau
Français : Anse-à-Veau
Español : Anse-à-Veau
Português : Anse-à-Veau

Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau Definition: [n. p.] Prezidan.
Non: Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau
Dat nesans: 1909
Kote l fèt: Cap-Haïtien, Haiti
Dat lanmò: Unknown
Kote l mouri: Unknown
Dat li te prezidan: June 14, 1957 - October 22, 1957
Kèk nan sa l te akonpli: Briefly stabilized the country.
Kèk fè istorik: Resigned from office.

Vizit: 1 English : Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau
Français : Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau
Español : Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau
Português : Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau

Art Nouveau
Vizit: 7 English : Art Nouveau (New Art)
Français : Art Nouveau
Español : Art Nouveau
Português : Arte Nova

Bakonwa Bawo Definition: [n.p.] Seksyon kominal. Se yon seksyon kominal ki nan komin Ano Li nan Depatman Nip.
Vizit: 15 English : Baconnois-Barreau
Français : Baconnois-Barreau
Español : Baconnois-Barreau
Português : Baconnois-Barreau

beaulieu [n.]
Vizit: 1
beauplan /beauplã/ Feyton.
Vizit: 2
Gift: Check also the entries within the same family or similar to "eau".

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