Haiti of Yesterday

Let’s discover Haiti and its culture in “Haiti of yesteryear”

Yesterday’s Haiti

Evolution is a way of associating with life, with the reality of life of all people, of all peoples, everywhere. Thus, as time passes, the way of life changes, evolving from one generation to the next. These changes are found in areas such as culture, education, leisure, tradition, etc., which are not the same. So it’s good to know what life was like in the past. Therefore, we are developing this term which is “Haiti in the past” to find various articles on the site.

Topics that we will develop in Haiti of Yesterday

Haiti will make you discover and appreciate once again the following points: culture, leisure, politics, education, sports in Haiti, etc.

  • Culture in Haiti of Ayer. Culture determines how most people in society organize their daily lives according to the physical geography of their society, their level of education, their spiritual aspirations, etc.
  • Leisure in Haiti Dantan. Distractions, during free time. The time you can either throw away freely out usual or occupation and limitations.
  • Politics in Haiti yesterday: Actually, politics is about decision-makers. It is the resolution that looks for the problems of a country, a site, an organization, etc.
  • Education in Haiti. The process of receiving or giving to systems, particularly in or within a school. But education includes everything we learn at home, in our neighborhood, and in the media.
  • Sports in Haiti yesterday. An activity in which one person’s physical activity or the activities of one team compete with another for entertainment, amusement, or entertainment.
Yesterday's Haiti will help people understand what life was like in the past. Once again discover and appreciate the following topics: culture, leisure, politics, education, sports in Haiti, etc.

Ancient Haiti

Rediscover many things about life in Haiti

These articles will not tell the story of books or things that have happened in the past, but of those who have lived and lived these epics, things that are still alive 40 years ago. This is a great opportunity to discover a lot about life in Haiti. But always, you will come across many words and expressions in Haitian Creole that we used to use and many of which we used.

You can listen to these audio texts on Youtube under each article.

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