How to bow tie

How to Bow a Tie

For those elegant guys who think about how to tie their ties or simply improve on them, there is no one way to bow a tie to perfection. There are multiple methods that involve several steps and a firm hand. Whether you wear a tie to go to religious meetings, you have your ties on for business purposes, wear a tuxedo at a wedding, or sing in a hairdressing quartet, you should know how to tie a tie. It’s not something that most of us do often, but wonderfully, if you can tie your shoes, you can tie a tie because it’s the same. At first, you may not see the importance because the place between your shoes and your bow tie is very varied, and we wear shoes more often than a tie, but with a little patience and rehearsal, you will have a bow tie as easy as your shoes!

  • Step 1
    Starting with each blade length even around your neck, cross the right blade to the left.
  • Step 2
    Swipe your right hand back when the blades cross in front of your throat, pull back against your neck.
  • Step 3
    Raise the left blade (now lower), extend it in half and angle horizontally. It should be like a part of an arch.
  • Step 4
    Draw the right sheet (now above) on the left center, which will start knitting.
  • Step 5
    Hold the right blade in place with your hand, hold the bent head with the other hand and replace the lower blade behind the knot.
  • Step 6
    A loop will form behind the knot at this point. Pass the right blade (the one you just pulled down and the one you started knitting) through this loop in the same way as when the shoes were placed.
  • Step 7
    Adjust Note that the bow tie will be very small and should look very small.

More About your Bows

Not all arc links are created uniformly. They come in different silhouettes, each with a slightly different environment. In other words, we all don’t tie our ties the same; and we don’t make our bows similarly. And that adds to the variety and the beauty of our ties.


The rolling width has a singular width, narrow width. Think of it as a man’s choice of an equal draw.


The combined silhouette of the glass arc hour is as classic as it seems, speaking at the endpoints. Just keep me decent under control, but only if you want to look like Gene Shalit.


The sharp silhouette is very similar to an hourglass silhouette, but it has an end to features with a modern twist. Traditional, yes, but with a small attitude.

When to wear a bow tie

There are appropriate links for black and white tie events. For these formal occasions, only black and white links are appropriate, as the name implies. Semi-formal companies provide the opportunity to experiment even more with color and texture, but since these events are still formal, people must lead patterns and heavy colors that are too bright. Pictures and tweed are good options for semi-formal courses. Occasional occasions allow people to wear any style, color, and pattern, from sweatshirts and velvet to polka dots and strips.

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