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kontak Definition: [n.] Aksyon w fè lè w kontakte oswa pou kontakte yon moun.
Eta oswa pozisyon de kò ki touche.
Reslasyon ant de moun.
Varyasyon: kontakt
Sinonim: touche, inyon, relasyon, koneksyon
Popilarite: 761 Vizit: 39 English : Contact : Ex:Sure, how can I assist you?
Français : Contact : Ex : Bien sûr, comment puis-je vous aider ?
Español : Contacto: Ej:Claro, ¿en qué puedo ayudarte?
Português : Contato: Ex:Claro, como posso ajudá-lo?

Vizit: 11 English : contacts
Français : Contacts
Español : contactos
Português : Contatos

kontakte Definition: [n.] Kominike avèk (yon moun), jeneralman pou bay oswa pou resevwa enfòmasyon.
Pran kontakt ak yon moun.
Sinonim: rankontre, touche
Popilarite: 1663 Vizit: 20 English : contact, get in touch with, communicate with, reach, Fig: get a hold of
Français : contacter, entrer en contact avec, communiquer avec, atteindre
Español : contactar
Português : contactar, comunicar-se com

prekosyon kontak Definition: [n.] Medikal.

Brand Name: Jardiance
Classification: Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) Inhibitor
Available Forms: Tablet (oral)
Action: Inhibits the reabsorption of glucose in the kidneys, leading to increased urinary glucose excretion and reduced blood glucose levels.
Notes: Empagliflozin is used for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It may increase the risk of genital mycotic infections and urinary tract infections, and it is contraindicated in patients with severe renal impairment.

Vizit: 0 English : Contact precautions
Français : Précautions de contact
Español : Precauciones de contacto
Português : Precauções de contato

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