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down payment [n.]
Kreyòl : Dawonn
English : down payment
Français : arrhes, acompte
Español : depósito, pago inicial
Português : depósito, adiantamento

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to bring down, to down, to put down, to break , down with...! , down:Ex:Let’s go down., to give up, admit defeat; to come down (off one's high horse); to cool off; to take it easy, keep cool; to retract, pull back; to back out of a promise, back down, Additional principal payment, Adjustable payment table, advance payment, balloon payment, claim for Medicare payment, constructive payment, Continued Payment under Vocational Rehabilitation or Similar Program (Section 301), COVID-19 economic impact payment, deferred Payment, Dire need payment, direct fee payment, economic impact payment, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), Electronic Payment Solution Center, emergency advance payment.

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