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has been [n.]
Kreyòl : Hazbin
English : has been
Français : « has been » (± dépassé)
Español : “ha sido” (± superado)
Português : “tem sido” (± excedido)

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marker for the past tense; was, has been, had, a long time ago, It's been a long time, it has beed a while, amputated (part of the body has been...), drunk , He has been in Jamaica since, licentious , media , Simon has been in Spain since June, since:Ex:Ever since his mom died, he has been cranky and angry at the world., tree, anxiety , been, circumspect , coerce , exonerate , Have you been in close contact with someone who is known to have COVID-19?, hour:Ex:I’ve been checking his temperature every hour., I was born in the US but have been living in Europe for 10 years, so I feel more European., instigate .

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