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get out [expr.]
Kreyòl : Gètawout
English : get out
Français : sortir
Español : salir
Português : sair

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swim out by oneself, strive to get out of it, contact, get in touch with, communicate with, reach, Fig: get a hold of, get on the move, Get a move on, get, obtain, draw , get:Ex:Can you get me my eyeglasses?, cope; get by; make out; make do; contend; grapple; deal; manage, to manage to get out of fix, to extricate. 2. temporary work, job, drop-out ( of school) , hash out; discuss; talk over, out , Out of sight, out of mind, to feel strange or out of place, to feel like a fish out of water, to make do with, to help out; to seek out help from, fulfill one's needs, to uproot , root out, pull out (by the roots ) , eradicate; to clear ( land); to fire (from job) , remove from office, depose, over throw; to lynch; to pillage, plunder, burn;, watch out for [warning]. be careful to to , all to get, call, change , deal with someone (positively or negatively), to get rid of, eliminate; to look after someone.'s needs, to take care of.

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