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What Is a Web Browser?

A web browser, also known as an Internet browser or simply browser, is a software application that provides access to the Internet. It is a one-click window to all of the human knowledge: you can search for the answer to all your questions.

With a web browser, you can browse any website and easily navigate to other sites, similar to browsing stores at the mall, stopping at the ones you like before visiting more.


Access to the Internet is as important as having a postal address and a telephone number. Thus, all computers, tablets and smartphones are equipped with Internet connectivity and a web browsing application.

Here we will discover the main web browsers on the market to give you an idea of ​​the different types of browsers available.


With 70% of the global market share, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. Chrome’s popularity is partly due to its fast browsing and easy integration with personal Google accounts, which is very convenient. Featuring the largest library of extensions among the major browsers, Chrome is also extremely easy to adapt and customize.


Safari is the default web browser for all Apple devices: MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. While most people don’t have a Mac computer, many have an iPhone and iPad. Thus, Safari is the most widely used mobile web browser in the United States. And while a computer certainly offers a different experience than a mobile device, the look and feel of Safari remain the same across all Apple devices.


Once among the most popular in the United States, Firefox is the successor to Netscape Navigator, one of the first commercially successful browsers, but it has recently lost market share to Chrome and Safari. Despite falling in popularity, Firefox still retains a small following while offering similar browsing features to its mainstream competitors.

The longevity of this Internet browser could partly be explained by the fact that Firefox is based on free software and that it offers practical tools for developers, which allow engineers and other web professionals to inspect and easily update their websites to improve security, privacy, and usability.


Although it has never been among the most popular browsers, Opera has gained a stable user base over the years. This is partly due to its unique features, including a built-in proxy and an ad blocker.


All of the browsers listed above have their own private browsing mode; Avast Secure Browser makes safe and private browsing its main feature, not just an afterthought. Its comprehensive list of security and privacy features includes built-in protection against phishing, web tracking, and browser fingerprinting. It also includes a built-in ad blocker and offers easy-to-configure automatic security alerts.



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