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out of pocket expenses or costs (lawyer or medical)
Kreyòl : depans oswa depans ki soti nan pòch (avoka oswa medikal)
English : out of pocket expenses or costs (lawyer or medical)
Français : débours ou débours (avocat ou médical)
Español : gastos de su propio bolsillo (gastos que no son cubiertos)
Português : despesas ou custos diretos (advogado ou médico)

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Produced at U.S. taxpayer expense/Produced and published at U.S. taxpayer expense, minor; modest; small; small-scale; pocket-size; pocket-sized, to shove out, chase out, to evict; to clear out, leave, cost , expense, Impairment Related Work Expense (IRWE), IRWE (Impairment Related Work Expense), This press release was produced and disseminated at U.S. taxpayer expense, adroit , in my pocket, penknife, pocket-kife, pick-pocket, pocket, pocket, pocket (v.), drop-out ( of school) , hash out; discuss; talk over, out , Out of sight, out of mind.

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