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Pa jete sèvyèt la Ekspresyon popilè.
Vizit: 22 English : Don't throw in the towel
Français : Ne jette pas l'éponge
Español : No tires la toalla
Português : Não jogue a toalha

Vizit: 0 English : cast throw

Vizit: 0 English : throw across

Vizit: 0 English : throw out

Vizit: 0 English : toss throw

Popilarite: 8591 Vizit: 13 English : away
Français : un moyen
Español : lejos
Português : um jeito

M byen lwen klavye a Rezo Sosyal, RCS, SMS.
Vizit: 20 English : AFK - Away from keyboard
Français : Absent du clavier
Español : Ausente del teclado
Português : Ausente do teclado

Vizit: 0 English : banish send away

Vizit: 0 English : carry away

Vizit: 0 English : do away with

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