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pandan [adv.]
Popilarite: 105 Vizit: 12 English : during
Français : lors
Español : durante
Português : no decorrer

pandan Definition: Egzanp.
Ex: I can wait for you here while you shop.

Vizit: 9 English : while
Français : alors que
Español : mientras
Português : enquanto

pandan Definition: Egzanp.
Ex: During the session, I saw him fall asleep.

Vizit: 11 English : during
Français : pendant
Español : durante
Português : durante

on Definition: abraje pou "yon". Egzanp: Gad'on bèl kap.
Popilarite: 241 Vizit: 29 English : a
Français : un, une
Español : uno, una

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