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forè tanpere imid Definition: [n.] Syans. byòm ki resevwa ant 200 santimèt ak 400 santimèt presipitasyon chak ane, ki gen yon tanperati mwayèn ant 9 degre Sèlsiyis ak 12 degre Sèlsiyis, ak forè kote gen plis pyebwa ki gen fèy tankou zegwi.
Vizit: 2 English : temperate rain forest
Français : forêt pluviale tempérée
Español : selva tropical templada

forè twopikal imid Definition: [n.] Syans. byòm ki pi divès nan domèn byoloji; li gen yon tanperati mwayen 25°C (25 degre Sèlsiyis) epi li resevwa ant 200 santimèt ak 600 santimèt presipitasyon chak ane.
Vizit: 2 English : tropical rain forest
Français : pluie de forêt tropicale
Español : bosque tropical

imid [adj.]
Vizit: 2 English : humid
Français : humide
Español : húmedo
Português : úmido

Popilarite: 4912 Vizit: 0 English : tropical
Français : tropical
Español : tropical
Português : tropical

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